Personality is what makes our designs so unique!

Where equal parts of craftsmanship, fine design and personality are intrinsically woven into every unique creation.


Founder of CHD, Carlo Hayes



Brand History

Established in South Africa in 1996, CHD prides itself in delivering not only bespoke jewellery, but also investment diamonds of the finest quality. 

We are a privately owned jewellery design company specialising in bespoke commissioned design and remodelling. Our founder’s personal approach to jewellery design sets our work and your experience with us apart. Our belief that craftsmanship begins with conversation means that we have always had a personal relationship with our customers, a quality that adds to the uniqueness of every CHD piece.

Custom designs are our delight. It is part of our ethos that true objects of unique joy can never be mass-produced and for this reason we limit the production of our designs.


Shopping Online

Whilst every effort is made to feature our latest jewellery designs online, owing to our bespoke design philosophy, most of our special one of a kind pieces will never make an appearance online.

However, we invite you to explore our ready to wear collections online and encourage you to make an appointment or visit our studio, to discover the signature essence of a CHD piece and explore our broader range of jewellery available in store, or have something one-of-a-kind made just for you!